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Choosing the right toy for your webcam show can mean the difference between a real creamy orgasm, and a fake one. A good vibrator is essential equipment that no camgirl can live without unless they want unsatisfied followers. So this article is going to go give you some hints what you can do for boosting up your webcam shows or your sex life with your partner.

The most common and best way is that camgirls use Lovense Lush

Lush the most realistic remote control vibrator

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Since this tiny vibrator is well known among camgirls you can find plenty of videos where girls are using it. This little gadget is not only controlled remotely via bluetooth but by soundwaves too. Controlling self-pleasing toys via soundwaves is very popular because many leading webcamsites in the adult industry like Chaturbate, Livejasmine etc. are using this way of control, and their users just love it on both sides of the camera. Controlling Lovense Lush by bluetooth is also handy when you want to improve intimacy with your partner. Its shape is optimized to reach a woman’s most sensitive area because it is curved and will hit the G-spot with powerful vibrations and by doing that it will stimulate the entire region. In addition it is made of body safe materials, like soft silicone and can be recharged with basic cell phone usb and as a result you will get 1.5-2 hours long continuous use. It is easy to clean, and especially important to use water based lubricant only, because silicon based will damage it .

What are the benefits for you if you are a camgirl?

Most of all viewers just love adult performers with Lovense Lush, because it helps the interaction between them and the performing girl and they appreciate it with constant tips and high views. Absolutely they can’t get enough from shows like that. In addition the top popular webcam performance videos on adult sites like Pornhub, Xvideos, etc are those where girls perform with Lovense Lush. Therefore highest-paid camgirls use Lovense Lush too.

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What are the benefits for you if you are in a relationship

Lush is a great way to have fun inside and outside the bedroom. Not only it hits the g-spot with powerful vibrations but nearly silent. Its maximum noise is less than 46 dB which is as quiet as your living room during an average day. So compared to other wearable vibrators that might slip into your panties, the Lush is an internal vibrator, therefore it will stay in place. Another big advantage is that the flexible antenna extends beyond the body, giving it the longest control range out of all wearable vibratiors. Although as a result as wearing it under clothes it will decrease its range and the connection gets weaker. Using the long distance control options in the smartphone app, your boyfriend can get you off from anywhere in the world. The app also has a messaging platform so you can schedule playtime.

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Basic technology features of Lovense Lush

  • Silent, its maximum noise is less than 46 dB
  • Fully waterproof
  • Comfortably can be worn underneath your clothes
  • After charging you will get 1.5-2 hours continuous use
  • Easy to use even if you are not a tech guru
  • Compatible with all known Operating systems such as iOS, Android, Mac and Windows
  • Can be paired easily with other Lovense gadgets
  • Can sync to the music
  • Internet controlled

Final thoughts

Hytto Ltd. is a well respected adult toy manufacturer that makes remote contorlled and super quiet sextoys. The ergonomic shape and softness of Lovense Lush will help you increase your ability to orgasm or it will be also a good company satisfying your viewers and you can also spice up your relationship from anywhere around the world.

What’s included:

  • Bluetooth Remote Control Vibrator
  • Charging Cable
  • User Guide

Packaging of Lush by Lovense

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